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We Buy Properties Fast for Cash regardless of the size, price, or condition in Baltimore and surrounding counties. Depending on your house and your situation, we may pay full market value, You can sell your home fast with Charis Home Solutions. We can close quickly and most importantly, relieve your stress and help you regain peace of mind.

At Charis Home Solutions, we work hard to meet the individual needs of each of our clients as quickly as possible. Finding a solution that works for everyone is what we do best!

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Here Are The Facts

The average home takes many months to sell. How much time do you have?

That's the average house… is your house average?  Or does it need a little bit of work? If your home is in less than sterling condition, you could be waiting awhile… maybe a long while… if you leave it up to your local real estate agent.

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We can give you a written offer on your house that is quick, fair and reasonable!

We won't keep you hanging, wondering whether we'll buy your property.  You need quick solutions, and you've come to the right place! In the time it takes your real estate agent to return your phone call, you could have a written offer.

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We can help almost anyone!

We'll assess your INDIVIDUAL needs and CUSTOM-tailor a solution for you.  We won't give you some generic assembly line solution that might work for somebody else. We'll customize a solution for you that makes sense and is sensitive to your needs. To do that, though, we need your cooperation and honest information.

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